The card or tarot games exist in large number, all more or less are similar. They originate in the majority of cases from Tarot says "de Marseille" which is the oldest one issued itself from games introduced from Italy at the last 15th century.

So that the "divining" works, it is imperative to use a game of which the aspect is "speaking" to the fortune teller. Choose therefore a game of which Figures them you "speak".

Besides the tarots, it exists different games (Belline oracle, Game of Triad, based Tarots on mythological, contemporary faces or esoteric symbols). All suit the exercise to divining.

It can even be interesting of some to possess several and to choose them according to the consultant, to the questions or moments where these are asked.

The Dices games
In divining matter, the different dice games reflect the mancies (divining arts) of which they are originating from.
One can use one or two 12 faces dices and to refer itself to the basic meanings of the Astrological planets and signs, I often use this procedure to know the feelings of the moment. It exists different dices of 4 up to 20 faces that one can buy in the stores selling roles playing games. One uses them according to its personal inspiration and fortune telling to which one refers oneself. It works strong well, I some used different types with profit.
The only condition is to be concerned, to feel the dice, after, it is necessary to let acting its intuition. 


THE CARDS, the traditional 32 cards piquet game is very practical to attempt to read the immediate destiny, especially when you want to analyze events that put in game your relations. Less complete, less "psychical", than the Tarot or the Yi-King, it offers nevertheless satisfactory performances to those that assess the pretty faces.

Here after their basic meanings when they appear: (to know if a card is or not reversed, it is necessary, according to the used game, to put arbitrarily a point on the top of card if the faces do not allow to see it immediately).

Upside, realization of wishes in a near future, an important money sum to receive. 
Reversed, the realization of wishes, although certain is no doubt delayed by imponderables, money sum to give.
Upside, a matter letter, an important contract.
Reversed, the new ones are not very pleasant, signed not contract.
Upside, the joy, the home, love, near consolation.
Reversed, the happiness will not be complete nest well be real.
Upside, the harshness is essential in tired actions, a delicate suggestion to put in work but a lot of promises, brutal changes but probably beneficial to term.
Reversed, one is committing an error, the fall is long, or the suggestions are without future.

Upside, a man ripe age, of experience, it is friendly, generous, faithful in friendship and serious.
Reversed, it has concerns or one really cannot count on him.
a banker, the clientele in the matters, a military one or a retired person.
Upside, it climbs himself favorable towards the consultant one.
Reversed, it shows himself unfavorable to the consultant one, provokes delays and obstacles.
a friend desirous to bring his help (associated with the king of pricks, a doctor), the priest.
Upside, it brings its qualities without thought backs or obstacles.
Reversed, it cannot act efficiently or it has personal problems that prevent to do so.

Justice, the lawyers, the harshness.
Upside, that is favorable, processes, won, favorably resolved litigations .
Reversed, it is more better not nothing to have to reproach itself otherwise caution to the judgment.
A good trial is not worth a bad arrangement.

Upside, an intelligent brown woman, energetic, devoted. Maybe a parent of the subject. She helps you to pull annoys out for you.
Reversed, His good will does not serve to big thing or she is put in the inability to help you fact of its own concerns.
Upside, an ambiguous relation or a woman to the uncertain morals fails in its intrigues to harm you.  It can be (near heart ) a friendly grandmother that looks for to help you. 
Reversed, take care, a woman looks for to harm you, she is an interested or treacherous person.
Upside, an unconditional friend, the woman of your thoughts is in keeping with you, generous, disinterested, she does not think qu you to be pleasant. Maybe a sign of union or of collaboration.
Reversed, she knows many difficulties, her help is inefficient.
Upside, a divorced or isolated woman, is in of big difficulties (near heart or tile, theses will be temporaries). Sometimes mean or envious stretched to harm you without reaching there.
Reversed, don't listen to this false friend, she risks to induce you in inextricable stories.

Upside, a brown, young man, to the numerous qualities, he is a sure friend, it wants only you to help.
Reversed, he is disappointed in its hopes or well it disappoints you.
Upside, the factor, or else a messenger pleasant news carrier (function of surrounding cards).
Reversed, the new alas are unpleasant.
Upside, a friend a little irresponsible, by excellence the lover of which the judgment is plenty of illusions. A friendship converts itself into love.
Reversed, nothing serious, an inconsistent "amourette" or declarations without suit.
Upside, the lawyers, the acknowledged, the notaries with what that necessitates harshness in your conduit to be favorable. Means equally unconscious, the vertical communications.
Reversed, danger the assistants of the law track you down. Inopportune and not founded jealousy.

Upside, an important money sum is given to you or you done a profitable investment. 
Reversed, the money, investments are gone out, investment without value, it is necessary to give a strong sum.
Upside, the matters are favorable it is necessary to move, meet important and interesting people.
Reversed, the profits won't get in, the projects are frozen or unstop on little of profit.
Upside, big joy, the house the close ones are favorable and help you. Prosperity hits to the door.
Reversed, the discord, the delays are only fleeting, the hopes, the work, the efforts will be rewarded.
Upside, the results are immediate and in accordance with the vows.
Reversed, the results are immediate, but alas, not in accordance with hopes.

Upside, money is coming soon, your entourage helps you.
Reversed, important expenditures are to foresee, probably had to family problems.
Upside, there is obstacles, overtime, but the time is your ally, you construct in the length or for the future.
Reversed, delays accumulate, objective far from being joined.
Upside, a big joy, a favorable friendship (or money, of good deals according to the near cards).
Reversed, disappointments are to the height of hopes.
Upside, sorrow do irruption in your about, but it does not last very a long time.
Reversed, the concerns are durable, you are not near to go out ot them (near hearts minimize boredoms). 

Right, a gift, a small gratification can be hoped.
Reversed, that is you that must do a gift or furnish a help to a near one.
Upside, movements, gains, interesting appointments.
Reversed, movements, gains, uninteresting appointments.
Upside, joy, softness, friendship, quick resolution of the small boredoms.
Reversed, disappointments are not important, they fast will be forgotten.
Upside, worry or important disease little for you or a near one.
Reversed, overwork and nervousness await you, take care to false intuitions (function of near cards).

Upside, somebody thinks of you (for your good), a brown person.
Reversed, somebody thinks of you (it wants to obtain something, its thoughts are interested).
Upside, important news little are pleasant.
Reversed, new of importance little are unpleasant. (Near pricks, anger, dissensions).
Upside, somebody thought to you (for your good), a blond person or to the clear hairs.
Reversed, somebody thought to you (it wants to obtain something, its thoughts are interested).
Upside, confirmation card, when it appears, it certifies the remainder of the game. Otherwise small concerns that resolve themselves fast.
Reversed, small concerns that resolve themselves with difficulty (of near cards matter).

The consultant young man is represented by the clover servant if it is brown, of heart if it is blond. Older, one will take the king, to the retirement, the tile king (if this is a financial one also). If it is lawyer or judges, one uses the king of pricks.

The consultant young girl is represented by the 8 of heart if she is blond, of clover otherwise. Older, one will take the lady of the same color, if she is divorced one represents it by the lady of pricks, to the retirement or grandmother by the tile lady.

It exists at least 20 types of toss, all comparatively effective ones. The shortest one that gives indications on the nearest event is the 3 of the 7. It consists of pull off the 7 first cards of a mixed and cut game.
Then one discovers the 1 one, the 3 one and the 7 one and one interprets them together.

Take courage on the interpretation way. Do remember you that to arrive to right conclusions it's essential to leave its prejudices to the cloakroom. Telling "stories" to Itself drive only to put itself in inextricable positions. Only the sincerity and the reason must be your guides in "reading" the game. And do recall you that only the constructive events must be interpreted.


Whatever one does, the destiny is malicious,
It always come where one doesn't wait for it  !