The "RUNES" are originating from of the symbolic pre-writing signs (especially petroglyphs) used since the night of time by nomad populations originating from Central-Asia.

These signs used by the Saxon peoples and Scandinav
ian of the pre-christian era served a basic times to the saxon writing and, in fact they followed the Vikings invasions in their extensions in France, in Ireland and in Great Britain (also in Italy, Sicilia, Africa etc...)

Considered as "Magic" by the first bishops, fact of their links with the oldest divinities, these have just had to unstop until to have eliminated the runes.

This so much more than the Latin letters more practical used basis to the writing of acts as parchments, while the RUNES of by their sacred character especially served for the symbolic or of forbidden invocations to old divinities writing engraved in wood or rock, what forbade for them to prior to be used for ordinary acts.


They persisted as symbols up to the 16th century, then were not more known than of some rare ones "magicians" that used them as cabalistic sign, or of some scholars interested by the bold navigators "Sagas" that populated the Island and Greenland before going to the Vineland (America).

Today, their coming back as significant sign carriers do them to be used as divinizing symbols to the same title as the dices, the cards or any other form of divining "Game". Their biggest merit is to be simple, anybody can, as to the old times, cut in pieces a hazel tree branch or of one tree carrying fruits and write with his blood if it in has courage, or with a fatty pencil if it wishes, the runic symbols and to question them according to problems of which it wants to know the solution.

Opposite to the tarots, the symbols  are not some "speaking", they require to be "digested" before being able "to say" (the tarots or the cards too, but this is not so evident), it is therefore necessary to put a little "magical" in the toss procedures, this is not besides as "white" magical as it acts himself, based on the "prayer and the gift of oneself". Besides force them invoked are all inward, these are the ours. It is necessary us to learn "to name" for "to recognize" and "to tame" before to use it, from which it necessitated of a psychological preparation to the toss before to proceed there.

0DINN before understanding the secret of RUNES had to wait nine days hung by a foot to the tree of the world "Ygddrasil" and consent to the sacrifice of his left eye for better to perceive the force and the to become of RUNES. This is well the less that we consecrated there five minutes.

Look at the sacred staves & their basic meanings on the following pages. They can be reproduced on stones, fruit wood rectangles or any support except plastic ones.

Test them without restriction, you certainly will be astonished by their indications.

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