To ask the good question, It's to already knowing the good answer !

The tarots invented by the Hindus, reshaped by the Italians did their coming out in Europe during century XV.

All as the cards and the different "tossing" or playing games, they allow to read the "To Become" of an individual while appealing to its unconscious resources. But, more than "the future", the games reveal the intimate idea than the consultant one has of its actual position (the one for which one it consults) and of its later development.

In some way, it is like a psychoanalyze session, one spreads on the table its motivations and its unconscious desires as well as the final end that it foresees.

For this reason, it is necessary before proceeding to a toss to "Pacify" his mind and its thoughts (otherwise the toss may be "dark" or incoherent).

In the same way, "to set up" the prediction, the advices must be paid (that is to fix the predictions), that this be to the "Devin" or by a gift to anyelse. The "sacrifice" is obligatory so that the divination realizes itself, if one does not believe about it, there is strong luck so that nothing does happen as that had been "seen" before.

It is why that "to say" the future is dangerous, it risks "to set up" it. Thus, when a toss is really "negative", it is necessary to await a little time (at least one day) and proceed to another toss if this one is bad too, be patient, it's the only way...

So strong is the verb "Power"
that it can
change the future.



1 THE BACHELOR, motor principle, the consultant, beginning of a thing, a capacity, an initiative.
2 THE PAPESS, principle some to become, gestation, pregnancy, a secret, a woman.
3 THE EMPRESS, principle in movement, broadcasting, communication, an exchange.
4 THE EMPEROR, principle of the material, finance, materialistic growth, be able, power.
5 THE POPE, teaching principle, protection, religion, exoterism.
6 THE LOVER, duality principle, choices must be done, hesitation, a double proposal.
7 THE VICTORY, action principle, victory, departure, quick movement, violent feelings.
8 THE JUSTICE, balance principle, payment of debts, judgment, the past come back with force, karma.
9 THE HERMIT, patience principle, hidden secret waiting or unveiled, knowledge, delays.
10 THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, change principle (pleasant or not), modification.
11 THE FORCE, sexuality principle, forces, power, submission (major force).
12 THE HUNG, sacrifice principle, superior communication, abandonment, losses, treason.
13 THE DEATH, (no name blade) change principle (accepted or not), radical modification of life.
14 THE TEMPERANCE, waiting principle, it becomes necessary to negotiate, compromise to find.
15 THE DEVIL, error principle, erroneous way, poorly obtained money, robbery, materialistic.
16 THE GOD HOUSE, collapse hopes principle, collapse of ambitions, destruction followed by a new deal.

17 THE STAR, consolation principle, helps, friendship, affection, improvement of life conditions.
18 THE MOON, illusion principle, intuitive communication, feminity, dream, imagination.
19 THE SUN, heat principle, benevolence, success, realized hopes.
20 THE JUDGMENT, unexpected intervention principle, judgment of acts, immediate.
21 THE WORLD, success, popularity principle, the crowd, agreement, the unknown, foreign, strange.
22 THE FOOL, dazy principle, inconsiderate departure, roaming on the way, karmic obligations.


Besides the said blades (or leaves) "major", pictures of motors principles of the individual, there are 56 said "minors" blades, pictures of actions or likely events to be undertaken or realized. Divided in four series, these are :

COINS blades (clovers) having a report to obtained or spent money, but also with the intellect.

STICKS blades (tiles) having a report with the world of matters, the physical movements.

CUPS blades (heart) having a report with the affective world, the feelings.

SWORDS blades (prick) having a report with the relation discussions debate with others to the level of force reports.


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