The so familiar colors have a lot of revelations to do us, there is no doubts!
The color is the motor of our passions, of our behavior and can really reveal us our to become.

"Black or White of anger", "Green of fear", "A Yellow Smile "...
The Colors ?  That's life !


The color in oneself is an abstraction, a view of the mind to the true sense of the term. It is the reflection on the matter of the not absorbed part, sent back, from "visible" solar light, this reflection, this vibration is interpreted by our mental as being a "color". This solar spectrum of which our eyes perceive only a little part, red to the violet, spreads itself from x-rays to the ultra violet.

To understand how the colors generate itself read the lines below while using also the "Chromatic Rose" in the left superior corner of this page.

There are three "basis" colors that cannot be obtained from any other: The Yellow one, the Red one and the Blue.

There are three "secondary" colors, being able to be obtained from a mixture in equal parts of the basic colors :
the Green (mixes of yellow and blue), the Orange (mixes of red and yellow) and the Violet (mixes of blue and red).

This are there the said "pure" colors, to which ones one can add the Black that is color absence, or the white that is the dismissal by the matter of all the luminous spectrum.

NB: there is the black issued of the light, the one where all the colors are absorbed by the matter, and the black that is total lack of light, there is no longer any of the all colors.

The other colors are said tertiary, they include at least three parts of basic or secondary colors.

To locate the colors, one uses a "chromatic rose" on which one the "colds" colors (the blue ones) are in top, and the "hot" colors, (the red and yellow ones) are down below.

There are two systems to display colors from other colors :

The RGB system (red, green, blue) used by electronics, this is the one that allows to display 16.7 millions colors on your monitor or on your television. This is a mixture of Red, Green and of Blue to which one joins itself the Black of the screen when no electron does come "to hit" (also obtained with the three mixed in equal parts).

And the quadrichromic system, used in printed works, with the Cyan (a blue rather turquoise) the Magenta (a pink fuchsia) and the Yellow to which ones adds the printing Black to give some "depth" to the colors (otherwise they are a little dull). It is also the color of the support (paper, transparent etc.) that is shown when nothing is printed (also obtained with the three mixed in equal parts).

The Chinese, for example, for their red laqued furnishings always put an under-puts coat of black to make the red more excessive.

The color has recognized psychological properties, thus :

The Red is an exciting color, this is an invigorating color, but with too strong dose, it irritates.
Yellow is a tonic color, exuberant, cheerful, it makes joyous. It is all the more dynamic one since it is juxtaposed to a dark color, with clear ones, (white, pink) it loses of his tonicity.
Blue calms, it favors the meditation, the rest.
Green one if it contains more of yellow than of blue is invigorating, more of blue than of yellow, it make sad.
Orange one is a very dynamic color, tonic and invigorating, it makes people optimist. For example, the photographers put the foods on orange to make them appetizing.
Violet if it is very red (towards the crimson) is strong, it makes spirituality, it pushes for us to question us. With a lot of blue, it makes solitary and cold.

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