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Each of us has more or less the capacity of reading his future. For this doing, a very good knowledge of oneself is essential. The aim for these web pages is to show you that future telling " arts " can help better to understand us and to thus perceive some essentials parts of our "becoming".

For that, it is sufficient to disregard our "prejudged". This is only a question of point of  view.  Even if sometimes, our mental habits being too strong and our conformism so comforting that changing something in our way of life is often very difficult !

I invite you to a mysterious trip, to the encounter of another "yourself". And, if that interests you, don't forget, please, send me a E-mail or fill the form to make me know your opinion.

You should read the introduction in first place (this is recommended to know where one goes). But to enter into the lively one of the subject, click on Y-King, Numerology or Runes and go back to the other chapters to understand how that operates.

In advance thank you for your attention and your indulgence (for my poor English) !

                                                        I hope to still see you soon on this site.


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There is no unveiled secret,
only eyes that don't see evidence,
and ears not listening to the murmur.

Science and knowledge, two distinct orders,
not antinomic, but symetric.

If you want to know, begin by ignoring,
if you need to know yourself, begin with forgetting yourself,
close eyes, be the "awaken sleeper !"
Science pass through nescience as acting through non-acting,
visible through invisible and being through non-being : Balance !

Nature is enjoyed by Nature,
The similar knows the similar,
contrary knows the contrary.
All is in all, the one is multiple,
macrocosm and microcosm associated,
nothing is separated, everything is linked.
One who don't know speak, one who knows doesn't.
Listen to silence, it is the truth : Harmony !

Three and two, five and seven, Star of felicity.
Look and see! Read the book !
If you persist and look inside
Yopu'll see world's law in child's smile.
The key is in your hands, the lock is you !

The Woman who reigns, Isis, the Triple Tiare and the Victory,
Consolation of friendship...
Five ! If Fool is forward, that's the way,
check is already far away : back to Unity !

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