My existence having begun as early as my younger age to complicate seriously, intrigued by the comprehension of mankind and his destiny, I started fascinating me for the story of the world usually and man in particular way very soon in life, I wanted desperately "TO UNDERSTAND".

Of euro-judeo-Christian education, the first part of my childhood happened in Africa, earth of "griots" (story teller strong resembling to the Middle Age Minstrel) and of "marabous" (holy islamo-fetichist man, practicing the theurgy and the divining).

The various African, European ethnies, but also Asian, Hindus, Arabic,
Melanesians and half-caste people living in my different residence places (more than forty cities on three continents fifty five years during) brought to me a large knowledge about the variety of world and conceptions, special customs to each population concerning the man and his "to become".

Interested by the divining practices of social groups that I did have relationship with. Practice of which the prediction accuracy has often stupefied me seen the weak means in game (shells, sign on the sand, candle flames, bones) I tried to see how that worked. My economy school course and my work as a senior data manager in computing allowed me to look for the essential (what works) to leave out the "magic" rituals sometimes (but not always) useless. 

I discovered Astrology to eighteen years, since, I read and have just had to attempt to put in work about two hundred and fifty books about that question. If, from point of view of the fate, it is delicate to do sure predictions, as knowledge tool of oneself and the other it is irreplaceable, that this be to the conscious level or to thrust in the depths of our hidden motivations.

By the continuation, I met the tarots towards the twenty years age (I am actually more than fifty) and they never  abandon me since. Their manipulation, the form and the color of blades are to me familiar as the personages that face them. Their verdict has often stupefied me, it constitutes a true analysis of more or less conscious desires that motivate the question. I even sometimes was frightened by the accuracy of the assessment that it allowed me to do about some individuals unveiling on the table their intimate secrets.

I practice rarely the toss for others, this is dangerous, and especially tiring emotionally, when one finds oneself facing a dark game and chaotic, without knowing what to announce to the person in front of him who awaits of him the certainty of a radiant future or the confirmation of its black premonitions.

The Yi-King came later, towards thirty. After some years of computering practice to a high level, I found particularly attractive that way of divining, crossing the millenniums, that kept today with minims adaptations all its effectiveness. 

Numerology arrived shortly after, I begun to use it for persons that did not know or knew poorly their hour (indeed the day) of birth, this making Astrology a little inefficient. The immediate results and probate that I obtained so to the psychological point of view that in the one of the climatic predictions for a period comforted me in its use.

At last I discovered the "colors" of which I knew already the psychological properties, but of which I didn't know the real divining capacities. 

And last in dates, northern Runs that speak strong well the future while allowing intuition exercise directly without pictured speaking support as in Tarots or Numbers. They are really effective for us other, European by birth, often not able to understand the subtility or the eastern spirit motivations.

This are there them "major arts", the other mancies that I have been able to use are of course "effective" as Geomancy, the Dices, the Mahjong, the ordinary cards. But they are nearer of the "Daily" and do often call to "clairvoyance" that I don't master very well.

If I elaborated all these softwares and make-up a part of my secured knowledge to my passion for man being, it's because I have realized that the better one "knowing" of his own future is the subject himself. In some way, I am convinced that the one that effectuates on oneself researches in depth finds the motive of its being and the "to become" that provokes its thoughts and its actions. Of course, it's essential to not hide itself the face and to be able to look at itself without fards in the intimacy of his conscience.

Besides, "to say" the "to become" of someone risks "to set up" its future, the consultant focalizing his mind on what interests it, without worrying about what one stretched of him to do actually "to hear". And what one "wishes" arrives very often in an unexpected way that is not necessarily the one that one really would have desireed. 

This is the reason I attempted to perfect a most possible divining system nearest of "tradition", of such go out than each can do its own interpretations of his "becoming". Besides, after having practically tried all the traditional mancies (divining means), I stay persuaded that the better augurer of our future, this is ourselves, in a way, we know where we go and how we will go. As say the Moslems, "mektoub", this is written. But this is written in us, and one sometimes can rectify the copy, although this be often to the cost of huge personal sacrifices or of life or of opinion radical changes.

I know that the future is not sure, less that it is modifiable. I had several occasions to modify a little the destiny toward an other way when this one proved too weighing itself. 

But to each time, the bill that was presented to me seemed heavy to bear, for each thing has a cost and this is not always the one that one would be ready to pay if it was communicated it at the start.

Be not therefore pessimist in your interpretations, of a an evil often a good can arrive and inversely.

The joy and the happiness are precious, but they last little of time. Besides only the suffering, the absence, allow to become aware of the realities of life, to progress to construct and fortify itself (you must not become negative, that attracts the misfortune, but rather take your evil patiently and take advantage of a life lesson).

The "happiness" is in us, in the acceptance of our fate and in our way to see the things. It's necessary to live each instant as if it was the last one, to rejoice at the beauty of a flower, the to smile of a friend, the sight of a child or other peoples joy...

I have therefore committed theses softwares and some others to allow you to consult the sort and to thus choose between the different likely ways to open itself to you at the time of crisis periods. 

A good counsel, do not abuse of toss, consult only if that is really necessary. The multiples tosses do nothing but to complicate the data and the blades and else end up to say anything. 

May the life be good for you,

          May your joys be excessive,

                  & especially, may your your pains always be light...


(that's me trying to forget my pains ;-)

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