This is the oldest book in world. Consulted since more than 3.500 years by directing & guiding people and by many businessmen.
It  precisely responds to all questions asked by a sincere heart !

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Foreword :

The Yi-King must be consulted only for problems about relationship between "the consultant" and one or several individuals, this is the unique way that it gives the better results.

When one is a convinced and familiarized follower with his functioning, it can also be consulted for health problems, metaphysical questions or personal auto-analysis.

Must be excluded, questions about the luck to the game, about problems not concerning directly the consultant one or of which it does not know the stake. Even when one well masters the technique, the general order questions, (political, basic problems of humanity etc.) can, but must be approached only with patience, prudence and humility.

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One cannot in no case consult for a person with that one does not have any relations, or who is not present at the time of the consultation, that does not work !

Written about 1.500 before our era, but probably issued of divining practices clearly older, the "Yi-King" or book of changes is to the origin a government reserved divining system for the only emperors of China and interpreted by professionals. Coming today in the public domain, it reveals a noticeable help for all, in the personal domain and again in the business/professional domain to which one it particularly is adapted. 

Based oracle on the arrangement two to two of "Trigrams" (three lines) expressing the basic relations of the family group, and by extension of all constituted group, the Yi-King gives only opinions, counsels. It is the consultant one or the practitioner that has some to find the meaning while proceeding by analogy with the different actors. Those that are to the origin of question, the likely persons to bring a solution or a help, the known or not opponents, its personal motivations or the one of the left peoples. (It is to favor the concision of responses that it is essential to ask very precise questions in order to clarify the problem to the most it can be.) 

To be effective, the oracle requires a good concentration, the reality of the raised problem for the consultant, (it does not have need to be vital, simply preoccupying). By experience, I know that if these conditions are not filled the Yi-King often replies anything. (Look at the hexagram of the young sprout : 8-7-8-8-8-7.) 

It is not counseled to repeat a question until the oracle gives the wished response, (one must proceed only to a toss a day).  But, it is possible to require precisions by refining the questions. 

If the response seems to not reply to your preoccupations, try to start again later (to await a day at least) or be more precise in your formulation and  more concentrated at the time of throwing coins. 

For these conditions, the "Yi-King" will give clear responses, and, if its counsels are followed, it will allow its followers to perceive the essence of the TAO, the universal force to the origin of all the be and of all things, of which the knowledge and mastery bring PEACE, ABUNDANCE and POWER. 

                                      Cordially, your faithfully servant,

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