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Synthesis attempt  (be indulgent please) :

To understand TAO, one must  be able to write it without using signs (try, this is very interesting, the only solution that I found is to tear the leaf).

The way of the knowledge is not understandable by the "intellect", it can't be "described" with words.

It can't be "analyzed" intellectually speaking. "To say" something about Tao is a nonsense (this is alas exactly what I'm doing here).

The names/words are representative of a culture, of a social state depending on a place or of an era, they are therefore not "universally" understandable, them contained being essentially "changeable".

Without name (ineffable, transcendental) this is the Buddhist "vacuum", the "empties" that contains in power all the forms that itself "show" in the world and end up to return to the "vacuum". This is Yang, what establishes the plans to come.

With a name (when one knows "the name" one can communicates) this is the intermediary one between the world "living" and the "vacuum", filled emptiness of ("Spiritual") energy. The "vacuum" is not separated from the "shown world", it is present and "supports" each of its "atoms", but one can't attain it, only the "link" between vacuum and shown world is perceptible. This link, this is the name. This is Yin, what realizes the plan.

Nevertheless, both can't be separated for they are the unique force acting a little as a corpuscular frequency wave (the light), with a high level (yang) and a low level (yin) but of which one can't know where exactly is situated the energy particle (this is the "principle of  uncertainty").

To understand the TAO, it is necessary to quiet his ego, to do abstraction of the sum of preconceptions that constitute our "personality" to return to the essence of the being, the intangible part in each of us that participates in the "elaborating" universe (all is secured, nothing is independent, the cosmos make pressure on us and we do on the cosmos) this is there the not-being. For if one removes from itself all the superfluous one, the essential only abode, and the essential one is the intimate, inextricable link that links up us to the universe "living" body, "pulsing" the life & the death as the two essential phases of the comprehension (to take with). 

The being represents the "sum" of our actual experience. Dead or "not been born" are for us in the "vacuum" where it is impossible to do the study of the vital flow. In the "vacuum", it does not have there either future, nor past, nor even of present.  "To be" means to do the experience of the "to become", to impregnate itself of the "sensations" of the "shown world", this the is lived in accordance with the laws of the cosmos that allows us to integrate "the way".

But "vacuum" and "shown world" are not in different reality, the "empties" under-stretches the cosmos. Without "empties", this one could not attain "the existence", and irruption in the "shown world" is the unique means that has the "empties" of itself "to understand itself".

All separation between "vacuum" and "shown world" is illusory, the one cannot be understood without the other, this is as to want to write words without employing letters. To be and not to be, life and dead are only two transitory states of the energy, the essence of this one is not modified, only his "demonstration" is different.

(As for the "physical" energy, according to the conservation principle, nothing does lose itself, nothing creates itself, all transforms itself. The same applies to "spiritual" energy .) 

Understand the non-reality of phenomena and accept to live them in the shown world for what they are (this is to say transient illusory but efficient).
This is the authentic perception of the "way" that takes us continually from not shown towards the shown without that does not have never actually place since we are at the same time "in" the vacuum (but we do not know it that if we penetrated Tao) and "in" the world (where we are possessed by the illusory of our individuality that  in fact does not exist). 

NB: If you read what precedes, you have the right to come to type me over with a colibri feather, when I will have evaporated, you probably will have seized the true essence of the TAO !

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