Inhabited by a curious mind and inventive one, I observed thirty-five years ago that many people reflected the almost exact portrait of their rising sign or of their solar zodiacal sign, I by then was interested actively in astrology.

Pragmatic first of all, I wished to work on no scientific bases, (for science all method that doesn't appeal to mathematical pure direction suffers it), but while using logic, analogy and the statistics as well as my common sense and my intuition.

From experiences to some annexes readings, I ended up to extend my investigations to all what about concerned closely or by far the human " to become ". And, for this doing, I tried to establish bridges between psychology, science, religion and metaphysic, I read (and tried to understand that wasn't the easier) some thousands of books and meet tens of people, sometimes strange, but always enriching.

Here are some lightly iconoclastic conclusions that I made all that time past.



The race of planets through zodiac give rhythm to the time of men since millenniums. The sky seems to do a complete turn of the Earth in a day, the seasons succeed to the seasons, the be and the things are born, live and die, even the stars and the galaxies. (This is just a little bit longer...)
Cosmos is the election place of monstrous energies, of which us can't do ourselves a light idea that while imagining an uninterrupted succession of thermonuclear disasters hundred thousand times superior to what is feasible in the current state of scientifical knowledge.

To the view of universe dimensions, our relative magnitude is less than this of one grain of sand reported to the desert of Sahara. Nevertheless, our ambition is to be unique and to have a special destiny, while the Earth turns around the Sun to close to 30 km/s (imagine your actual car going that speed !!!), that the Sun turns around our galaxy in some 200 millions years to 230 km/s, that the galaxy moves itself heading to his sister Andromeda to 45 km/s and that both rush to 600 km/s towards an unknown point called "central attractor" !?!  (This is a little the disorder !)

This ambition, this destiny, we think to perceive them in the middle of this grandiose anarchy that is the cosmos, knowing that the second of our birth is unique, that never in the universe story will come back this privileged instant that saw us to open astonished eyes on this strange and improbable world.

The theory of chaos suggests that a crumple of butterfly's wings in Amazony risks, some months later, to produce a blizzard in Alaska (this always is the disorder). The "strange attractors" appear to be like the spirals that drew on the rocks our big neandertalians ancestors (those whom chin is rather big). The EPR experience (Einstein, Podolski, Rosen) done by some recognized scientists about the effects of atomic particles scission .

authorizes us to think that the most removed particles in our cosmos "know" in which state are their sisters particles at the other end of this same cosmos. (There, this is more than disorder, this is straight to be delirious !...)

These wondering facts comfort us in our feeling to have a predestined role. And, persuaded that the universe contains the response to our questions, we question it through future telling art, which is after all as imprecise as the changing theories of science. (Look at Psychology, Sociology or Economy, there also this is a little the disorder.)

This Science(s) where, after all, the role of the observer is a lot less negligible that one could believe it, and of which the measure instruments, limited by the capacities of our senses and of our intellect, seem to be only constructed to obtain, or verify, results previously defined with the help of theories of which one cannot be sure that they will always be valid on the next century. (Some scholars predicted on 19 century that peoples taking the train would die stifled ?!...  In 1950 scientific establishment made a fool of those that believed in black holes ! We found three of them today...)
The World "IS", for us individuals, what we perceive. And if one thinks a so be little, we must do with our beliefs as we always did in the old times, so erroneous be they. Our convictions, very often take it on the reality. The confidence in us, the courage and some (strong ?) unconsciousness allow us to realize things that one would dare to imagine without them.

All this let to think that our "big old" had completely reason to believe that "all is linked", that our fate depends on camel that eats at the far end of the desert, as of solar storm that prepares itself to the other end of universe, that someone, our nest brother, is a picture of ourselves and that we are his reflect. (Yes, I agree, it seems a bit complicated, but that's true !)

The oldest remains of future telling attempts date to the last news, from sumero-akkadians about 3.500 years before our era. And, the Shamans of previous eras, without "history", practiced already divination and future telling.

In 5.500 years, all things well considered, we haven't hardly changed our mentality, even if we can go up on the Moon. The human nature and its worrying are identical, eat, like, hate, procreate, to clothe itself, progress…

Then, why a computer, of which the heart is done of "sand" and precious stones issued from the first stars, secured closely by electromagnetic forces that maintain the cohesion of universe, not could it inform us on our "to be" and our "to become"?

Let's keep therefore a little place to the imagination, to the myths, to the dreams.. 

                       And, let's listen,
                                                let us follow,
                                                                  the Legend...

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