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Astrology is the "Mother" of most divining arts, it dates from the first time when somebody took a look at the Sun, the Moon and the stars and linked their race in the sky to the fleeting Time...

Essentially based on rhythms and analogical reports Astrology uses a language issued from symbolic of the universal myths for which the planets are the vowels, the zodiacal signs the consonants, the regulate aspects the syntax and the houses the organic support.

The PLANETS represent the brute force, the initial action, the potential one of basis.

The signs of ZODIAC are the effecting method, the brought difference to the intrinsic force of the going trough planet.

The ASPECTS regulate, complete, inhibit or reinforce the action of planets, they are the rhythm of the action.

The HOUSES indicate the application forces domain shaded by the signs and having rhythm thank to aspects

The NATIVE HOROSCOPE, symbolic representation of present natives forces, is in a way, the dictionary of the potentialities of the subject, the directions for use, the life's manual. Carrying in power all the coming actions, it indicates the becoming person according to the choices that she will be brought to do during her existence.

The anniversary SOLAR  HOROSCOPE, the monthly LUNAR HOROSCOPE and the possible TRANSITS mark with their passage on the native positions and their aspectation the strong events of life, they explicit, they put in light, the contained of the native horoscope.

Here are the basic bricks allowing the construction of fate :

The Stars & the Points
to act, forces.
to increase, vitality.
to communicate, curiosity.
to imagine, family
to grow, heat.
to trade, daily work.
to harmonize, relations.
Pluto, to pulse, instinct, regeneration.
Jupiter, to spread, benevolence.
Saturn, to limit, waiting.
Uranus, to inspire, unexpected.
Neptune, to melt, intuition.
Lilith,  to sublimate, unconscious.


The Constellations
^ Aries acts. Movement.
_ Taurus accumulates. Possession.
z  Gemelli budges. Curiosity.
a Cancer imagines. Protection.
b  Leo Order. Authority.
c  Virgin organizes. Economy.
d  Libra balances. Harmonization.
e  Scorpio finds. Stubbornness.
f  Sagittarius travels. Inquiry.
g  Capricorn structures. Construction.
h  Aquarius invents. Relation.
i  Pisces feels. Intuition.


The Houses
What I am, the ego. Beginning.
2 The obtained, money.
3 The near, relations.
4 The family, the home. End.
5 The Children, creations, Joy.
6 The daily life, health.
7 The social life, contracts.
8 The capitals, sexuality.
9 The travel, studies.
10 The fate. Destiny
11 The projects, help attained.
12 The Secret, the unconscious.

Each brick is in close relation with all the others :
March is the governor of Aries where is located his residence and rules the House I, the one of beginning of things and of personality. By his movement he moves (push to reverse clockwise) all the Zodiac.
Venus is mistress of Taurus and rules the House II, the one of the material, intellectual, affective, acquisitions. In that place, she constructs patiently her home and look after her family to furnish it all what it needs.
Mercury is the master of Gemelli into which he blows his curiosity and rules the House III, the one of communications and nearest environment (brothers, sisters, close friends, letters, phone etc.)
The imaginative and protective
Moon elects her residence in Cancer and manages the House IV, the one of the family, the imagination and mind's world.
The reheating
Sun is at his place in Leo, he initiates the creations and the pleasures of House V, the one of love, children.
Mercury  dominates the Virgin and manage daily exchanges and works directed by the House VI.
Venus has her second residence in Libra where she looks for the harmony of relations with others in House VII.
Pluto, master of secret pulsions lives in Scorpio where he investigates the mysteries of House VIII.
Easy-going, friendly Jupiter, jurist, is in
Sagittarius where he makes studies, law and religion proper to the House IX.
Saturn, dark and distrusting, constructs his bases in Capricorn where he rules the destiny of House X the one of fate.
Uranus, fantastic and iconoclast, sometimes revolutionary, is at his place in Aquarius where he thoughts about strange projects, but sometimes inspired, with his friends ruled by the House XI.
Neptune, secret and intuitive swims with the Pisces where he works with the House XII, secret tests, intuition and vertical communications.

All horoscopes are built and explained by exchanges and dominances of planets and signs in houses, as well as by the quality, the force, of aspects that link up one to another.

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