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1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 = 1

To know some about your social behavior, make the numerological reduction of your complete name. For instance :
Dupre Jean = 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 7 + 9 + 5 = 40 = 4

Then look for the corresponding number in the table below, you will have an idea of the way of which perceived you are by other peoples.

The number ONE, source of all shown numbers, corresponds to the act, the will to act. This is the one of the bosses, directors, action men.
In a dynamic way, it is also the one of the tyrants that want all rule and do not accept any contradiction. 

TWO, issued of 1 + 1 is the apparition of the couple, duality under all its forms, number of the association, but also submission. This is the one of the mediators, faithful collaborators.
In a dynamic way it always say but never do.

THREE number of broadcasting are also the one of the word, it does the speakers, the journalists, the active persons as one follows gladly. 
In a dynamic way, this is a restless one, a key to all without depth. 

FOUR number of the building, the matter, the created world, it generate obligations, is work synonym. This is the number of eager workers, builders, meticulous and precise accountants.
In a dynamic way, it cuts the hairs in four parts (other french expression he funks flies).. 

FIVE number of the movement, adventure, trip, it gives the reporters, the explorers of all go out, the people that do never stay in some places. 
In a dynamic way, one cannot count on him, it is already elsewhere. 

SIX number of the responsibility but also balance, makes the artists, but also the faithful lovers, this is a number of responsibility hold. 
In a dynamic way, this is a "dilettante" that does not go to the end of its enterprises. 

SEVEN number of the solitude of the one that knows, analytical, metaphysical, it does the engineers, the scientists and sometimes also the writers or the friars.
In a dynamic way, this is without a doubt a misanthrope staying to the solitude. 

EIGHT number of the creative power, associated in power to money. This is the number of the bank, finance.  The eight is force filled, it is also often irascible, especially In a dynamic way. 

NINE number of the universal, devotedness to others. This is the number of international organisms, humanitarian works, but also the one of the television of all new techniques. 
The dynamic way orients it towards the smoky theories and the misfit. 

ELEVEN first one of the "Masters Numbers" obtains the intelligence to the one that possesses it, but this one is going with a strong nervosity, heart disease. 
In a dynamic way, it "breaks" often the leads (become foolish). 

TWENTY-TWO, number of the creative power, and a taxed destiny. This is the number of the very big builders, grandiose projects that sometimes fall top especially In a dynamic way where the madness of magnitudes is not very far from his mind.

There is not enough place here to study all numbers, but I have for that a complete software  (actually in french, but translating is on progress) to make the "sum" of numerology. If you are interested in, send me an E-Mail.

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