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The modern geomantic houses & their genesis.

(maison = house, mère = mother, fille = daughther, neveu = nephew, nièce = niece, témoin = witness, juge = judge, sort = fate)

The Geomantic "Ecu" is some does an adaptation of the Zodiac twelve houses of which it resume the essential meaning. It adds three "houses" or additional remain, the first of the past witness (to the right in front of you) and second of the witness to come (to left in front of you) to which one adds the one of the fate issued from te judge associated with the first house, this last one pronounces the final "sentence".

We have therefore :

I house the ego, what concerns the consultant one. The beginning of things.
II house The goods, obtained intellectuals, spiritual, materialistic.
III house The relation with the near environment & the close ones.
IV house THE HABITAT, the home. The end of things.
V house love, the joys, by extension my children.
VI house The daily one, the subordinated relations.
VII house Others, The contracts, the associations, by extension the marriage.
VIII house The capitals & them during physics, sexuality, life, dead, inheritances.
IX house The knowledge, the long studies & by extension, the trips, the foreigner.
X house The destiny. Honors & Fall.
XI house The projects, the received or refused help & by extension the friends.
XII house The tests, what is not unveiled.
XIII house The past witness, what is the previous cause, personal causes.
XIX house The coming witness what influences the future, social causes.
XV house Judge that pronounces the final sentence, synthesis.
XVI house The sentence or the future to long term.

It is a custom in geomancy to look only at the houses belonging to the asked question, except some particular cases, the other houses are neglected.

One examines what's more the house from fortune and the "Intention point" true revealer of the question.

To find the "Way" point", it is necessary to trace the houses where the superior line is the same as the one of the judge.  Thus in the figure in head, the way of the point is, while climbing back up since the judge, 15->13->10->4.  It is necessary therefore to read the House IV that intervenes in the issue of the question.

The fortune part is given by the remainder of division by 12 of the sum of all the points, beans or pulled lenses.

However, also use to look at the "passation" figures, this is to say that when the figure of a concerned house rediscovers itself to the identical one in another house, these houses are secured and must be interpreted "in relation."

Besides, it is possible "to marry" the figures between themselves to see what goes out, which is figures it that they generate. (1 point + 1 point = 2 points, 1 + 2 = 1, 2 + 2 = 2)

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